I’d rather be a doorkeeper…


Golden door

“I’d rather be a doorkeeper and scrub floors in the house of my God than be honored as a guest in the palace of sin.” Psalm 84:10 MSG

Four years ago, we found this hill. The first time we stood on the crest of it we could see the future.

I feel the same way this morning as I sit in the doorway of a very large half-finished barn on this hill. The rising sun has painted the interior bright gold. The wide center aisle and its skylight cathedral ceiling frame the future entrance door ablaze with morning light. I am in a silent and holy place in this moment between night and day…between earth and heaven. This barn shaped temple is where our Grace Rides community will serve our special riders.

I have felt this sacred pull…this sanctuary gravity…of this place since we built a small altar here on that first visit and asked God what we were to do with it. We have prayed over it, marched around it with a Mission Okaloosa team and worship leaders singing, marked out its corners, purchased it, surveyed it, mowed it, watched sunrises and sunsets and fireworks on it, laid it open with heavy equipment, set steel and stone and poured concrete all over it, had carpenters and masons craft a foundation and walls and a grand roof over it AND yes, we have wept and argued and thought about quitting over it…..we have done all these things. Hmmmmmmmm

Today…right now…I cant even step over the threshold because the space feels so sanctified.

The Holy Spirit whispers “stand back and look at what God has done. I want you to see and feel every hand, every heart, every prayer, every sacrificial gift that I have drawn together to build this healing place.”

“Oh oh oh Abba, I’ll have to lay down….the beautiful weight of that vision is too much to bear standing up.”

“Then lay down and stay down there because I want you to see just a little of how I am going use this healing place.”

I do not resist and right there, laying in the sawdust and lumber scraps, I see scenes of love and healing as bright and glorious as that sunrise……a glimpse of Heaven on Earth. Things that God is going to do….not a preview of our great accomplishments.

Doorkeepers do not have a grand plan of all the great things they will accomplish for the temple of the Lord. They are just there to serve and accomplish the custodial tasks of the day in a holy place… for a holy purpose. They tend to the door and get to see the Glory of God at work every day.

Could I just be a doorkeeper in this barn shaped temple on this hill? Just sweeping, singing, scooping poop and steadying a little hand holding a grooming brush on their horse’s side? I promise that I will try to leave all the rest of the stuff in Your hands and watch from a ringside seat as the daily miracles unfold one after another.

I know they’re coming on this hill. I got to see some this morning.

I do hope that you will see them for yourself sometime. There’s plenty of sweeping and scooping and steadying for you to do. Simple tasks…..with great benefits. He will take care of the big stuff.

Come on up, the gate’s open.

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