The start up phase for our program includes finding and providing training for all of you who want to lend a hand and a heart to our horses and riders. Opportunities abound all around the farm….you can save us energy and precious funds by helping with tasks around the farm that fit your vocation, experience and personality and available time

You can work with the riders and trainers during horseback riding sessions – As a session volunteer, you will be assisting riders during the riding lessons. You will work as a 3 person team comprised of a leader, and 2 sidewalkers, who help support the child. For a lot of good reasons, it is our policy that all volunteers involved with riding sessions must be at least 14 years old and have completed our GRACE training programs. A training video and a volunteer handbook are available to help you get ready for this work.We have Volunteer Packagesavailable for download by pressingthis link.

You can participate in “before and after the ride” activities – We are dedicated to running a high quality, disciplined and well documented therapy program that exceeds PATH’s high performance standards. This operation requires the help of friends with the gifts of administration and hospitality to keep the program safe and sound. You can coordinate volunteer and ride schedules, maintain therapy file records and therapist communication, greet and orient riders and families, staff the family waiting areas, update the website, maintain the mail and email lists, help keep donation and financial records, coordinate our speakers bureau and church connections, be our military liaison…something for everyone.

You can help with the daily horse “pampering” – if you just love horses and need some quality up close and personal time with them, there are plenty of salon sessions to cover each week….grooming, mucking stalls, daily feed and haying..if you are good the horses will let you help out!

You can help keep the farm running and looking fine – It is amazing how many small maintenance jobs a two acre farm can generate! There are a variety of regular maintenance and special project opportunities that arise every month. If you are a painter (utility or artistic), carpenter, plumber, gardener, forester, welder, electrician, raker, mower, mechanic…there is an opportunity for you or a team of you here. We are interested in big upgrades to our facilities that will improve our ability to serve our riders and families, but until they come we have an beautiful old barn to maintain and improve. If you are interested in green and sustainable stable management and gardening, we are interested in talking with you about our hearts desire to make the barn and farm a model for our neighborhood and our area in these areas. Please email or call us with questions about volunteering: or 850-259-9195